Air Max Excee Vs Air Max 90: The Nike Showdown

Air Max Excee Vs Air Max 90

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Nike Air Max and Nike Air Excee are both popular choices and have a large, passionate fan base. There is one common topic discussed between these people, and that topic is Air Max Excee vs. Air Max 90.

Both of these shoes have many similarities, but they also have major differences that set them apart. Opinions may differ according to people about which one is better, but for better understanding, today we will start from the basics and try to narrow down the results. 

When we talk about shoes the first thing that comes to mind is comfort, so let’s talk about the comfort of the Air Max Excee Vs Air Max 90.

  • The Air Max Excee and Air Max 90 share the well-known Air unit at the heel and Nike’s cushion foam midsole. These features are at the core of comfort in both of these shoes.
  • Although the Air Max Excee may seem more comfortable at first, the Air Max 90 eventually breaks in and becomes more comfortable.
  • As we mentioned above, The Air Max 90 seems a little stiff and uncomfortable at first, but it gets really comfortable after a few wears.
  • Despite being marketed as comfortable, the Air Max Excee is really a cost-efficient version of the original Air Max 90 and does not offer the same degree of comfort for use throughout the day.
  •  In summary,  Air Max Excee vs. Air Max 90: Air Max 90 is the more comfortable shoe.

  • Both of these shoes fit true to size; their designs and soles are specially designed to fit exactly to your feet.
  • The toe boxes of both of these shoes are narrow, so when buying one, consider going half a size up so you have a comfortable fit.
  •  Neither shoe comes in extra-wide sizes.

So we can say that in terms of sizing, both of these shoes are equally comparable.


The mesh foundation of the Air Max Excee is accented with suede and covered in synthetic overlays. This combo offers lightweight support and breathability.

Air Unit:

An air unit protects the ankles and offers comfort.

Air Bubble Exposed: 

The air bubble of the Air Max Excee is situated beneath the heel counter.


Compared to the Air Max 90, it has less padding, even though it is still rather comfortable.


 The Excee’s leather upper prevents wrinkles from appearing over time.


Leather is a major material used in many Air Max 90 designs. Leather offers both strength and a timeless appearance.

Air Unit: 

A larger, more robust air unit in the heel gives it superior cushioning and padding.

Rubber outsole: 

The Air Max 90, like the Excee, offers superior traction.


The Air Max 90’s leather upper naturally gets creased over time.

In conclusion, the leather top and improved cushioning of the Air Max 90 showcase better materials.

Air Max 90

It has a sleek, contemporary style. It has an original lacing mechanism.It is available in a range of patterns and colours to suit a variety of tastes.

The Air Max Excee 

It has a more conventional appearance. It makes use of a traditional lace-up mechanism. Although it is also offered in a variety of colours, its style is more straightforward.

In conclusion, the Air Max 90 triumphs in terms of appearance, fusing contemporary design elements with useful functionality. 

Air Max 90

If we talk about the comfort of the Nike Air Max 90, we can say that it is a very comfortable shoe, but not right away, as it takes time to break in and fit true to your size.

The middle of the shoe is made up of a light foam material, which is very comfortable and shock-absorbing. And if we talk about performance, the bottom of the shoe is made up of leather, which is very durable and suitable for long-term use.  

Air Max Excee 

Nike Air Max Excee is also comfortable but does not measure up to the standard of Air Max 90 because it does not providethe same breathability as Air Max 90 but this shoe also has a light foam material in the middle. 

You may feel very comfortable at first, but in the long run, it doesn’t stand up to the test of time. And if we talk about performance, the shoe is very durable and strong due to the bottom, which is made of leather, which is a tough material and doesn’t wear down easily.

In short, if you prefer a shoe that’s comfortable and breathable, go with  Air Max 90. But if you prefer a cost-variant shoe and don’t mind less breathability, then Air Max Excee is a good choice.

 Price Air Max 90

Air Max 90 shoes are widely available. Their price range is $130.

 Price Air Max Excee

These shoes are gaining popularity. The price range is lower compared to the Air Max 90.

In conclusion, we can say that Air Max 90 is more widely available. And Nike Air Max Excee is more cost-efficient.

In conclusion, we can say that for users who want comfort, performance, and breathability, the Nike Air Max 90 would be the best choice. However, if you like unique style and also want cost-efficient shoes and can compromise on breathability, the Air Max Excee might still be a good choice. 

What are the main differences between the Air Max Excee and the Air Max 90? 

The Air Max Excee draws inspiration from the Air Max 90 and features a similar design. But the Air Max  Excee is a budget variant with a mesh upper and synthetic overlays, while the Air Max 90 typically features a leather upper.

Which model is more comfortable for all-day wear? 

Air Max 90 is known for being comfortable for all-day wear, especially after you wear it several times and it breaks in and fits true to your size.

How do the sizing and fit compare between the two models? 

Both models are equally comparable in sizing and fit true to size.

If I want a range of styles and colors, which model should I go with?

A great option would be the Air Max 90 because of its extensive colour and design selection.

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