Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof? A Stylish Choice For Dry Feet

Hey Dude Shoes

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Do you need more time to purchase Hey Dude shoes, whether they are waterproof or not?

These shoes boast expertise in style, fit, and comfort for adventurers. But do these shoes embarrass and irritate you when they get wet?

Double-check the material before buying these shoes. Because a few types of fabric, such as leather and suede, are not waterproof, So, if you’ve decided to buy them, avoid getting them wet.

So, in this article, we’ll explore the query ”Are Hey Dude shoes waterproof?” to make you adopt a clear strategy while opting for apt shoes. Hey, Dude manufactures a versatile type of shoe. Therefore, they buy their shoes according to the occasion.

Can Hey Dude Shoes Get Wet?

Yes, Hey Dude’s footwear can get wet, and the water will not damage their material. But remember, this applies to essential Hey Dude shoes manufactured with stretch-cotton uppers and canvas.

However, you must contact Hey Dude customer support if you purchase shoes made of wool, leather, or suede.

Be it a cycle in the washing machine or a hand wash, your Hey Dude Shoes are an excellent choice. But the condition is you should do it with proper procedure.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Don’t nourish the misconception that Hey Dude shoes are waterproof. They will not hold out water if they get wet.

Below are three main reasons why the Hey Dude shoes aren’t waterproof:

Devoid of Hydrophobic Canvas

The positive side of Hey Dude shoes is that the lightweight canvas will dry fast if exposed to water.

Nonetheless, it lacks the hydrophobic layers, which cannot protect it from water damage. Above all, it may lead to foot injuries.

The Canvas is Devoid of Wax Coating

Remember that not all waterproof shoes are manufactured from a thick canvas like PVC.

Several brands employ silicon spray to keep their suede and leather shoes repellent to wetness.

However, you should refrain from nourishing the concept that Hey Dude’s feet are waterproof. They are created out of a light material that makes it impossible to protect your feet from getting wet.

Devoid of Extra Protection from Socks

Again, it is a wrong concept that socks can act as a protective layer for your feet against wetness. The water will wet your socks because of the light material.

But there is a trick to make your Hey Dude shoes dry: wear a pair of waterproof socks. But the athletes must avoid it as it will not work out for them.

These features show that Hey Dude shoes are not waterproof. It lacks a hydrophobic canvas, a wax coating, and extra protection from socks.

Do Hey Dude, Shoes Float On Water?

To examine whether shoes float in water or otherwise, check their density. It will surely sink if its density overpowers that of water.

Hey, Dude, shoes are so lightweight that it appears you’re walking in the air. Their comfort level is so high that it makes you bounce, resulting in flexible walking.

These shoes offer a floating experience as they are made of cloth-type material.

How to Machine Wash Hey Dude Shoes Without Damaging Them

Remember that Hey Dudes footwear can withstand machine washing, but it is pertinent to mention that the fabric quality will face compromise.

Therefore, only opt for this if it needs washing desperately. Moreover, do it so carefully that the material stays away from weathering.

Below are the steps to do it properly:

  1. Examine the material: Do not wash the special edition by Hey Dude. Always check cautiously about the material and whether it’s tagged as a safe product to machine wash.
  2. Clean the dirt gently. Cleanse and remove the excessive dirt from the shoes with a soft brush.
  3. Remove the insole: Remember that the laces may become entangled, resulting in the wearing out of the insole. Therefore, remove the laces and the insole.
  4. Separate washing of shoes: Never put your footwear and clothes in a washing machine. It will keep your shoes from falling apart.
  5. Add detergent: Add the detergent that suits your shoes, but never pour it into hot water as it will make your Hey Dudes shoes wear out after washing.
  6. Set the mild machine cycle: Setting the soft cycle of your washing machine will not tear your shoes because of their mild spinning.
  7. Air-dry the shoes: Avoid drying them in the dryer machine as it will tear the light material. Let them dry in the open air, which will eliminate foul odors.

These steps ensure that the quality of Hey Dude shoes does not create a negative impact on the canvas of the shoes. Caution and care are needed to keep your shoes from wearing out and looking clumsy. 

How to Care for Your Hey Dude Shoes

You can clean Hey Dude canvas shoes both by machine and by hand. Ensure to remove the dirt from them regularly.

  • Leather: You can use leather cleaners to clean your shoes against debris.
  • Sox: These are unique shoes by Hey Dude. Wash them by using color-catching products. Remember to remove their insoles before getting them washed.
  • Stretch: These are more sensitive kinds of shoes. Machine-wash them, but be cautious about them.
  • Suede: Be extra careful because they can get damaged by water. Clean them using a soft brush and adhere to the company’s preventive measures.
  • Wool: The best way to clean wool Hey Dude shoes are by hand. Because the quality of them will deteriorate if you machine wash them.

Always make sure to clean the Hey Dude shoes according to the material and quality of the canvas. It will guarantee the durability of the particular shoe.

Bottom Line:

Hey, Dudes shoes are not waterproof, but several models contain water-resistant qualities. You must decide between buying them after distinguishing between water resistance and waterproofing. Applying proper cleaning methods can prolong your Hey Dudes footwear’s lifetime. 

Prevention protects your shoes from the dangers of water exposure. Therefore, be careful while walking in a wet atmosphere. 

However, if you are an athlete or a daring soul, choose the shoes accordingly. So, be adventurous, but wear the suitable Hey Dudes shoes for a rainy adventure.

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