Are Nike Air Force 1 Good For Running?

Nike Air Force 1

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As you’ll see, the Nike Air Force 1 or AF1 is a famous shoe model that sells hotcakes from top athletes to celebrities. It prompts teenagers to buy them.

But you might question if they’re suitable for running apart from a fashion statement.

Using my knowledge and expertise, I’ll explore the query, “Are Nike Air Force 1 good for running?”.

So, let’s dive in!

Are Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) Good For Running?

It’s the wrong perception that the Nike Air Force 1 is suitable for running. Its widespread popularity deludes the wearers into thinking that it is ideal for running. 

This model lacks specific requirements that make it seamless for athletes or runners. It’s a shared experience that the Air Force has a screeching voice. Just think for a moment about what would happen if you ran wearing it!

3 Major Reasons Nike Air Force 1 is Not Ideal for Running

A thin sole, flexible experience, and lightweight are the prerequisites of an ideal running shoe for athletes. Let’s discover whether these characteristics are to be found in Nike Air Force 1.

Absence of Flexibility

Flexibility plays a vital role in running, as our feet constantly bend and curve during running. Therefore, you want elasticity in a running shoe, providing bouncy movement to your feet. This feature is not found in Nike Air Force 1, as some stiffness restricts our foot motion.

I have personally examined the Nike Air Force 1 on a running track. What irritated me was that my feet started cramping only after two running rounds. It all happened due to the low flexibility of the shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 might injure or pull your muscles if you start running wearing them. So, be cautious, as it might result in lethal injury and inconvenience.

Heavy Soles

The thick and dense design of Air Force 1 makes it fit for casual wear. That is why it is famous for its style and trendy features. 

However, heavy soles are the major disadvantage of running shoes. Below are a few other demerits of the Air Force 1 shoes that make them prohibited for running:

  1. Increase shoe weight: The thick soul leads to discomfort for the runners due to the heavy weight of the shoes.
  2. The rigidity of your leg: What is lethal for a professional runner is the rigidity of the legs due to the thick soles.
  3. Bulky size and design: A huge design makes runners unable to run correctly, which is the main con of Air Force 1 shoes.

Bulkier Than the Normal Running Shoes

The weight of Air Force 1 is much heavier than average running shoes. It should be between 6.5 and 13 ounces, while the AF1 weight is 16.5, which is relatively higher than others. This bulky feature makes it unsuitable for running.

Science proves that wearing 0.13 kg of extra weight can make runners 1 percent slower. For this reason, it is observed in the Olympics that runners wear lightweight shoes to run swiftly. It also minimizes the chances of injuries, which provides a comfortable and satisfactory running experience.

Therefore, be sensible and knowledgeable while buying an AF1 for running purposes. Because it will minimize your running speed if you are participating in an athletic competition.

So, the above reasons for not buying Nike Air Force 1 oR AF1 shoes for running will help you wear appropriate shoes. One thing is clear: AF1 is not suitable for running, and you must purchase a shoe that is manufactured specifically for running.

Are Nike Air Force 1 Good for Sports?

Every game requires a different size, weight, and fabric for shoes. Nike AF1 shoes were mainly designed for basketball games. It makes it a sports shoe, but each game requires specific rules and body movement. So, it is apparent that it’s not appropriate to wear a basketball shoe for a soccer game.

Here are a few sports and games that support the Nike Air Force 1 shoe:

  • Jumping: It’s good for jumping due to its comfortable and soft design.
  • Casual wear: The Nike Air Force 1 shoe is excellent for everyday wear due to its well-cushioned design.
  • Gym shoe: AF1 can also be suitable for a gym shoe. But remember, it’s not good for cardio.

Which Nike Shoes Are Good For Running?

Even though the AF1 is unsuitable for running, there are top-notch running shoes manufactured by the top brand Nike. It’s been observed that professional runners also go for Nike shoes in big contests. And believe me, I’m no exception!

Let’s explore three remarkable Nike running shoes:

Nike ZoomX Streakfly

This shoe model by Nike offers a flexible and well-cushioned racing experience. Here are a few super features of this shoe for running:

  • Elasticity: The stretch and flexibility make it easier to run fast and long.
  • Softness: Its softness and comfort level calm your nerves and make it feel like a bouncy movement.
  • Lightweight: The weight of the ZoomX Streakfly is apt for running. It is 155g (W) and 6 mm heel/toe drop.
  • Reasonable Price: The price is quite affordable. You can purchase it for $132.

Fingers were raised at the durability of Nike running shoes. However, I find it very long-lasting, as I used it for more than 8 months, but its condition is still very sound. In fact, it depends on the careful use of the product.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16 is the best choice for beginners. You will enjoy running while wearing this model by Nike. Here are a few of the best characteristics of this pair of shoes:

  • Comfortable: Its soft and robust design makes it a super fit for runners. The upper part is designed with a well-cushioned material.
  • Durable: Its durability makes it sustainable, as it is a long-lasting companion for runners.
  • Affordable Price: The price is reasonable compared to an entry-level running shoe. The price is only $134–140.

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2 is perfect for you if you are attending a marathon. Here are a few remarkable traits of this pair of shoes:

  • Lightweight: Its lightweight feature adds to its faster running. With a weight of 173g (W) and 8 mm high heel/toe drop, it is helpful for long-distance running.
  • Stability: The lightweight provides strength and balance to the runner, making him run while maintaining his equilibrium.
  • Maximum comfort: The softness and cushioning offer the highest level of comfort and relaxation to the runner’s whole body.
  • Alluring design: The appealing design of Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2 satisfies the runner’s aesthetic sense.
  • High price but quality: The cost of this running shoe is high as you have to pay £269.95. But this splendid design and comfort is worth your laboriously earned money. 

Final Thoughts

The Nike AF1 is one of the most sought-after sneakers worldwide. Its class is visible in sustaining its trend even after four decades. The timeless design makes it a fashion symbol.

I’ve pinpointed above why this model shoe by Nike is inappropriate for running. And we also explored which Nike running shoes are the best.

Comment below if you need clarification. Stay fit by wearing suitable Nike shoes!

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