Asics Running Shoes For Kids: A Comprehensive Review

Asics Running Shoes For Kids

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The right pair of running shoes for kids is essential to keeping your kid’s lives in motion. We watch kids running everywhere—all day.

Kids run through the halls at school, they run towards the bathroom, they run away from taking a bath, they run on the ground to play their favorite game, and they run through the house screaming because, well, they are kids. Running and being active are part of being a kid.

If you want to buy running shoes for kids, Asics running shoes for kids would be a good option. Asics’ unisex range of running shoes for kids has a wide range of colors and models that are excellent for both girls and boys. In this guide, we will have a close look at Asics running shoes for kids and our top picks.

How to Buy Good Running Shoes for Kids?

Your kid might already have a choice for specific shoe designs. While their choice might be influenced by style, it’s important to remind them that the main attributes of an excellent running shoe are its functional capabilities and comfort level. Here are some pointers to ensure your child is satisfied with the shoe’s fit.

Measure your kid’s foot.

Before buying running shoes for your kid, knowing the correct size is essential. If you’re at a physical store, ask a staff member to measure your child’s foot.

If you’re buying online, you can do this at home. Just place a sheet of paper by a wall and ask your child to stand on it with their heel against the wall.

Draw around their foot with a pencil, then measure the length and width. Add one centimeter to the length to allow some room for their foot to grow.

Choose the brand

When choosing a brand, selecting one that offers a diverse range of sizes, including wider options, is crucial. Some children’s feet may need wider shoes than what standard sneakers provide. So, having the chance to try on wider shoes might help you discover the perfect fit for your child.

Try the shoes on.

If you’re shopping in a physical store, let your child put on various pairs from different brands. Remember, sneakers differ a lot, so it’s important your child wears the socks they would generally use for running when trying them out.

Also, let them walk around the store to understand how the shoes feel. If they use a shoe insert, bring it along to try with the running shoes. However, if you’re buying online, your child can’t try the shoes on.

So, read the product description, customer reviews, and sizing chart thoroughly. Keep in mind that shoe sizes can vary from brand to brand.

Run To Test

Picking the correct shoe size for your little one involves a few simple checks. Ask them to stand and use your thumb to measure the gap between their toes and the shoe edge.

There should be about a thumb’s width of space. Then, watch your kiddo walk away. If their foot slips out, the shoe is too large.

Have them jog a little and check their expression. If they look uncomfortable, the shoe is too snug. Running shoes should feel comfortable from the get-go; don’t bank on them stretching or “breaking in” over time.

Top Asics Running Shoes For Kids

Asics has a variety of running shoes that are supportive and affordable. Here are our top picks for Asics running shoes for kids.


Asics running shoes for kids TIGER RUNNER™ GS

TIGER RUNNER™ GS is an Asics running shoe for kids that is comfortable and durable. It is an excellent choice for kid’s footwear as it is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics.

It has a cushioned midsole that makes it extra comfortable. reducing the impact on the feet during running or other physical activities.

The shoe is known for its robust construction and longevity, even if it is constantly used. TIGER RUNNER™ GS has a breathable upper mesh design, which ensures adequate air circulation and helps keep the children’s feet dry and comfortable.

Moreover, the TIGER RUNNER™ GS from the ASICS running shoes for kids range is also great in terms of aesthetics. The shoes have vibrant colors and sleek designs that appeal to children.

Its secure fastening system ensures a snug fit, allowing your child to move freely without the inconvenience of shoes slipping off.

With reasonable prices, ASICS TIGER RUNNER™ GS running shoes provide style, comfort, and durability that contribute to the healthy growth and development of your child’s feet. This would be a good option if you want to try Asics running shoes for kids.


Asics running shoes for kids GEL-EXCITE™ 8 GS

ASICS GEL-EXCITE™ 8 GS are one of the best ASICS running shoes for kids. These shoes were created with advanced technology. They have the AmpliFoam™ Midsole and Rearfoot GEL® Technology Cushioning System.

The AmpliFoam™ midsole is light and bendy, which provides the strength and softness for a comfy step. The Rearfoot GEL® Technology Cushioning System lessens the jolt during impact, allowing kids to move smoothly and reducing stress on growing feet.

In terms of design, the GEL-EXCITE™ 8 GS Asics running shoes for kids blend functionality with aesthetics pleasing to children.

They come with a removable sock liner that can be replaced with custom orthotics or left out to accommodate a more medical orthotic.

The breathable fabric lining offers a great in-shoe feel, ensuring the feet remain cool and dry during physical activities. Furthermore, they are available in various vibrant colors and patterns, adding an element of fun to the shoe’s overall appeal. 


Asics running shoes for kids GEL-NOOSA TRI™ 13 GS

The GEL-NOOSA TRI™ 13 GS form range of Asics running shoes for kids is an excellent choice for young athletes. These shoes are made with advanced technology that provides comfort and support.

They are ideal for both training and race day. The shoes have a FLYTEFOAM™ midsole that offers excellent bounce and energy return, making each step feel lightweight and effortless.

On top of that, the GEL™ technology in the rearfoot provides high-density shock absorption to protect young feet during high-impact running.

In terms of design, the GEL-NOOSA TRI™ 13 GS running shoes have vibrant colors and bold, youthful prints that kids will undoubtedly love.

These Asics running shoes for kids come with elastic lace and a velcro strap for easy wear, making them convenient for children to put on and take off.

The breathable fabric used in the shoe construction keeps the feet dry and cool, ensuring comfort throughout any activity. The ASICS GEL-NOOSA TRI™ 13 GS can be a fantastic choice for young runners.

Final Thought: Asics Running Shoes for Kids 

Asics running shoes for kids are suitable for those looking for more comfortable, durable, yet affordable running shoes. Asics offers a range of running shoes that are comfortable and appealing in design.

Keep the important points given in this guide in mind before buying running shoes for kids to get a perfect fit for your kid.

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