Do Brooks shoes run true to size?

do brooks shoes run true to size

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Brooks shoes come in the list of the best running shoes. But when you are going to buy them online you must be wondering ” Do Brooks shoes run true to size? This is crucial to know So that you can purchase the perfect size for your feet.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete you must understand the importance of true shoe size as it just not only supports your feet but also prevents any kind of foot problem. The perfect size also enhances your running performance.

After a lot of searches on customer reviews and with my own experience with Brooks shoes I am here to solve your Inquiry on whether Brooks shoes run true to size, small or big.

Do Brooks Shoes Run Small, Big, Or True To Size?

Brooks shoes do not run true to size. Although many customers report that it runs smaller than other brands. Therefore,  consider purchasing a half to a full size larger than your regular shoe size. So you don’t feel any discomfort due to tightness or looseness on you Brooks shoes. 

Keep these 4 points in mind while trying Brooks shoes:

  • Focus on a secure fit to prevent unnecessary movement.
  • Check that your foot doesn’t slide too much forward or backward while walking.
  • Ensure there’s enough room in the toe box for your toes to move comfortably.
  • Look for a snug fit that feels secure but not too tight.
  • If you have narrower feet, it’s advisable to choose the narrower option for a better fit.
  • If your feet are wider, choose the average or wide variation to match your specific width.

This helps provide stability and comfort during your walks or runs. Finding the right fit ensures your Brooks shoes support your feet effectively.

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Brooks Sizing chart

After getting the answer “ Do Brooks shoes run true to size? Let’s have a look at the Brooks shoe size chart.



How To Get The Perfect Brooks Shoe Size?

You can try different sizes of shoes when buying from a shop but you don’t have this option when you are buying online. Here I am going to share some tips to follow when buying Brooks shoes online.

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Measure Your Feet

To ensure a comfortable and accurate fit for Brooks running shoes, start by measuring your feet properly. Foot size can fluctuate, and it’s crucial to measure both feet each time you purchase new shoes.

Follow these easy steps to get the perfect Brooks shoe size.

1. Begin by placing a piece of paper on the floor, ensuring it covers the entire space your feet will occupy. Stand on the paper with your heels against a wall.

2. Mark the tip of your longest toe on the paper. This provides a precise indication of the length of your foot.

3. Using a ruler, measure the distance between the wall and the mark. Repeat this process for your other foot to account for any subtle variations in size.

Taking these simple steps will help you determine the right size, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit for your Brooks running shoes.

Find Your Brooks Running Shoe Size

After measuring your feet accurately, the next step is to find your Brooks running shoe size. Brooks provides a range of foot sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. 

Follow these steps to find your perfect size:

1. Use the measurement of your longest foot and refer to the Brooks size chart available on their website. This will guide you in selecting the appropriate size based on your measurements.

2. Take into account the width of your feet. Brooks offers shoes in various widths, including narrow, regular, and wide options. If you have wider feet, opting for a wider size ensures a better fit and enhanced comfort.

Final Words: Do Brooks Shoes Run True To Size

Brooks Shoes are my all-time favorite running shoes because of their comfortable fit and durability. If you are looking to buy durable and more comfortable running shoes, you should give them a try.

Brooks shoes do not run true to size, so make sure to buy a half or full-size up from what you usually wear. If purchasing from a store, try walking a little in a different pair of shoes to check that they are not too loose or tight, helping you choose your perfect size.

If buying online, measure your feet and follow the Brooks size chart, choosing a size a little larger. In case of any issues, you always have the option to exchange, so don’t worry and go ahead to buy your pair of Brooks running shoes.

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