Do Skechers Shoes Run True to Size? Exploring The Perfect Fit For your Feet

Skechers Shoes

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Are you looking for soft, comfortable, lightweight shoes among the various footwear brands? Well, if that’s the case, the name Skechers quickly comes to mind.

But the next moment, you’ll ask me whether these trendy Skechers shoes run true to size or are inclined towards fitting small or even more significant.

In this article, I’ll share my vast experience and dig deep into the size and fit of Skechers shoes. So, please pay attention, as I’ll also convey vital tips and unique characteristics of this brand’s footwear.

Do Skechers Shoes Run True to Size for Women

Skechers women’s shoes come in half sizes and are true to size. Many pairs provide an exact fit, but this option is not available for women’s sandals. Therefore, it is essential to have accurate measurements.

There is a large variety of women’s shoes by Skechers, and the best shoes for women include:

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Sneaker

Price Range at Amazon $32.80 – $58.65

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Sneaker Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

This sneaker by Skechers has an 82,570 rating so far, and it is true to size. The arch support of sneakers for women has a transportive power.  It’s best features include:

  • Made entirely from synthetic materials 
  • Imported for quality assurance 
  • Has a durable rubber sole 
  • The shaft measures at a low top height from the arch 
  • Equipped with a lightweight and responsive 5Gen midsole for cushioning 
  • Includes a Skechers Air-Cooled Goga Mat breathable insole with high-rebound padding
  • Designed with a breathable athletic-engineered mesh upper for more comfort. 

Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker

Price Range at Amazon $45.16 – $65.37

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

This casual, sporty mule features athletic and active styles with comfort technology. It has 36988 ratings on Amazon. The outstanding features of this model include:

  • Designed from a mixture of smooth leather and synthetic materials 
  • Imported to meet high-quality standards 
  • Features a rubber sole for durable experience
  • Equipped with a Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam comfort insole for superior comfort 
  • It boasts a sporty slip-on fashion sneaker mule design in the Skechers D’Lites style 
  • Incorporates a lightweight, shock-absorbing, and supportive midsole 
  • Enhanced with a flexible rubber traction outsole for a secure grip.

Skechers Women’s Nampa-wyola Food Service Shoe

Price Range at Amazon $38.14 – $$60

Skechers Women's Nampa-wyola Food Service Shoe Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

With ratings of 4,447 on Amazon, this shoe is true to size and provides comfort to the wearer. It’s vital features include:

  • 100% Man Made
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible sole
  • Electrical Hazard
  • Memory Foam footbed
  • Slip Resistant

Do Skechers Shoes Run True to Size for Men

Skechers also does not disappoint men, as it has a vast collection of shoes primarily designed for them. And the majority of their shoes are true to size.

The top-rated Skechers men’s shoes include:

Skechers Men’s Afterburn M. Fit

Price range at Amazon $40 – $70.37

Skechers Men's Afterburn M. Fit Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

With a rating of 68,110 on Amazon, these Skechers are true to size and durable. The top features of this model include:

  • 100% Leather and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measures approximately 2″
  • Lace-up
  • Skechers Memory Foam comfort insole
  • Flexible rubber traction outsole
  • Articu-Lyte shock-absorbing supportive flexible midsole

Skechers Men’s GOwalk Stability Progress Shoe

Price at Amazon $40.99

Skechers Men's GOwalk Stability Progress Shoe Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

These pair of shoes have a rating of 29,610 on Amazon. It comes in a few more colors other than black. The best features include:

  • 100% Textile made
  • Crafted in the USA or Imported
  • A Rubber made sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Get the perfect comfort and cushioning for athletics
  • ·Super lightweight mesh fabric upper for perfect fit. 

Skechers Men’s Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer

Price Range at Amazon $44.43 – $56.12

Skechers Men's Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

It has ratings of 29,131 on Amazon, and Skechers also tags it as accurate to size, like all the variety of its shoes. This lightweight running shoes for men offers high-performance running. The top features include:

  • 100% Knit mesh
  • Imported
  • ·Rubber sole
  • Sketchers equalizer double play
  • Medium (D) and Wide fit (2E) options
  • Super lightweight engineered mesh Skech-Knit upper for an ideal fit. 
  • Shock-absorbing FlexSole, lightweight cushion midsole with Skechers

Do Skechers Shoes Come in Half Sizes?

Refrain from feeling dejected if you think the dilemma is not finding the shoes that fit you well. Skechers come to your rescue, as they are designed in whole and half sizes.

Are you boggled by the question: What are the sizes manufactured by Skechers? Let me answer you according to the dimensions of men, women, and kids.

  • Men’s shoes: The men’s shoe size starts at 6.5 and touches 16.
  • Women’s shoes: Women’s Skechers range from US size 5 to 13.
  • Kids shoes: Kids Skechers shoes begin at seven and end at 10.5. 

Tips on Adjusting the Loose-Fitted Pair of Shoes

Refrain from getting annoyed with yourself if you’ve bought loose shoes. There are various ways to adjust the size. A few are:

  • Put on thick socks
  • Wear multiple pairs of socks
  • Keep a shoe liner on the top of the back insole.

Apply these tips, and you’ll manage if your foot size is abnormal. It will allow you to wear durable and stylish Skechers shoes.

How do Skechers fit compared to Nike and Adidas?

When buying new shoes, you must consider the size and fit, as different brands have their own measurements. Although Skechers, Adidas, and Nike use the same size chart, their fit can vary for different styles and designs.

I’ve compared the fit and size of Skechers with Adidas and Nike according to men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes:

  • Men’s Shoes: Skechers men’s shoes run big if we compare them with the other two popular brands. If you want an accurate fit, buy 0.5 or 1 size smaller than Nike and Adidas. For example, purchase 9.5 or 9-inch Skechers if you wear a size 10.
  • Women’s Shoes: Skechers sneakers have the same exact sizing as Adidas and Nike. But you can drop 0.5 for a cozy and comfortable fit.
  • Kids Shoes: You will find the sizes contrary to these two famous brands. Nike kids’ shoes have a more prominent size than Skechers, while Adidas runs smaller. Therefore, buy your child 1 to 2 sizes bigger than Nike shoes and 0.5 sizes smaller than Adidas’.

Do Skechers Go Walk, Run True to Size?

You can get your exact size and fit for the shoes at Skechers. However, some customers complained that their boots ran a bit smaller on Amazon. However, increasing half sizes resolved the issue.

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 5 Sneaker, 5 M

Price Range at Amazon $35.99 – $40.00

Skechers Women's Go Walk 5 Sneaker Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

My favorite is the Skecher Women’s Walk Five sneakers, which fit true to size. Its rating of 40,143 is enormous. These are the best athletic shoes for running.The crucial features include:

  • Made entirely from breathable mesh fabric 
  • Imported for top-notch quality 
  • Features a manufactured sole for durability 
  • The shaft measures approximately not applicable from the arch 
  • Equipped with a lightweight and responsive Ultra Go midsole for cushioning 
  • Includes a Skechers Air Cooled Goga Mat breathable insole with high-rebound cushioning 
  • Designed with a breathable athletic knit mesh upper for maximum comfort.

 Skechers Size Chart

Running true to size is synonymous with Skechers shoes. This brand prefers comfort level over style, but things are changing now. It has started focusing on design as well.

Even though you will find your size in Skechers, I recommend consulting the chart below.

Skechers Shoes Size Chart
Skechers Shoes Size Chart

Are Sketcher Shoes Comfortable?

Absolutely Yes! Skechers shoes are so soft, cushioning, and comfortable that the wearer finds themselves walking on a red carpet. What makes them such a soothing experience includes:

  • Top-rated and expensive material
  • Cushioned insole made of memory foam
  • Advance comfort technology
  • Mesh fabric
  • Padded ankle collars

The top comfortable shoe models include:

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Upturn Sneaker

Price Range at Amazon $45.95 – $62.95

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Upturn Sneaker Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

This shoe is true to size, very comfortable, and heavenly soothing. It’s rating on Amazon is 4290. The vital features include:

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately not applicable from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5 inches.”
  • Lightweight and responsive 5Gen midsole cushioning
  • Skechers Air-Cooled Goga Mat breathable insole with high-rebound cushioning
  • Highly breathable and comfortable woven air mesh upper
  • Flexible traction outsole
  • Soft fabric lining with padded collar and tongue
  • Machine washable, air dry

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy-Paradise Sneaker

Price Range at Amazon $37.30 – $70.00

Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy-Paradise Sneaker Image source: Amazon
Image source: Amazon

These shoes have massive ratings of 7,990 on Amazon, which thrilled me. It is also true to size. The best features include: 

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Man-made sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Lightweight and responsive 5Gen midsole cushioning
  • Skechers Goga Max insole with high-rebound cushioning
  • Breathable athletic made mesh upper with synthetic overlays
  • Flexible traction outsole
  • Soft fabric lining 

Pros and Cons of Skechers Shoes

Skechers shoes have achieved great popularity for their unique blend of comfort and style. But they also come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

On the positive side, Skechers shoes often offer remarkable comfort. It makes them a top choice for common wear.

A wide variety of trendy designs that suit various tastes is an excellent feature.

However, some issues with durability and support have been raised by a few users.

We’ll explore both the pros and cons of Skechers footwear to make you knowledgeable about it in its entirety.

Pros of Skechers Shoes:

1. Arch Support for Flat Feet:

The dilemma faced by people with flat feet prompts them to wear suitable shoes. Here, Skechers addresses this issue for both flat feet and foot deformities.

Their flexibility and softness help them enjoy comfort and easy movement while taking a walk.

2. Plush Underfoot:

The cushioned and supportive Skechers shoes make them feel as if they are walking on air. It enhances their speed and produces satisfaction, relief, and comfort due to the smooth experience.

  • Relieves Back Pain
  • Silky ride
  • Reduce fatigue

3. Flexibility and Lightweight:

The lightweight and flexible synthetic mesh upper of Skechers shoes boasts a stitch-free design that comfortably matches various foot shapes.

4. Comfortable

This wide-fitting style prioritizes comfort, preventing any discomfort for your little toe or bunion by ensuring it won’t feel cramped against the material.

 5. Economic

You can enjoy these shoes without wasting your money and staying away from the spendthrift approach, as they come at quite an affordable price of around $100 per pair. 

Cons of Skechers Shoes:

1. Lacks Heel Stability:

These shoes lack significant heel stability to counteract excessive inward rolling of the heel.

The midsole lacks stability as well, as it utilizes uniform-density memory foam throughout, allowing for flexibility at any point, which doesn’t provide the necessary support for feet prone to overpronation through the midsole.

2. Lacks Adjustment:

Some customers have complained that the mesh upper of the shoe doesn’t offer any adaptability. It limits its capability to securely hold the foot in place, which may be needed by some individuals.

3. Flimsy Heel Counter (Requires a Shoehorn):

The heel counter of these shoes could be clearer. It needs more structural support to hold its shape. Consequently, inserting your foot into the shoe can be difficult.

You may find it vital to use a shoehorn to assist in this procedure. The absence of a strong heel counter also challenges the overall durability and longevity of the footwear. 

4. Laces Require Double Knot:

The lacing system of these shoes can be frustrating, as the laces come undone easily. To prevent constant retying and ensure your shoes stay securely fastened, it’s recommended to tie a double knot.

While this solution addresses the issue, it adds an extra step to the process of putting on and taking off the shoes, potentially causing inconvenience for the wearer.

5. Warm for the Summer: 

These shoes may not be the ideal choice for hot summer weather. The materials and design of the shoes tend to trap heat, which can lead to a warmer and less breathable environment for your feet.

It can result in discomfort and excessive sweating during the summer months, making them less suitable for prolonged outdoor activities in high temperatures.

Consider this aspect if you’re planning to wear these shoes during hot weather or for extended periods.

A Few Reviews by Wearers of Skechers Shoes

The users have shown both negative and positive responses to the Skechers shoes. But overall, the reviews are favorable for the brand. Below, I’ve shared a few of these remarks:

  1. Gotta love Skechers shoes! ( Debe M,)

“Went to the Skechers outlet store, where the team of gals (Janette, Alyssa, etc.) helped me find the perfect shoes for walking! Since it was buy one, get two 50% off, I bought two pairs. I enjoy my Go Walk comfort shoes and my everyday shoes. Thank you, gals, for all your help!”

  1. Love my sketchers   (Kathy M.)

“I will not buy anything but sketchers. They wear well, and they are comfortable. I also like the fact that they are washable.” (Kathy M.)

  1. Sketchers has changed my life!  (Kathryn P)

“Sketchers have changed my life! My feet hurt, and my knees hurt every day! I’m SOLD on Skechers!”

  1. Not happy  (Cindy K.)

“Sketchers used to be my favorite sneakers and sandals. They fit me perfectly. Now, everything is big and bulky. To wide for my narrow foot. The sandals are ugly and uncomfortable. I have blisters from the sandals. Horrible. I knew I should not have bought them. What a waste of money. I’m so upset. Any pair of Skechers I put on fit me perfectly; now nothing fits. I’m done! I won’t waste my time or money anymore. Below is a picture of the sandals that left many blisters” (Cindy K.)

 Final Thoughts

After this detailed analysis, there is clarity that Skechers are worth buying due to their stylish, cozy, and true-to-size qualities.

The varied sizes it offers entice you to buy their shoes, even though they match pretty closely with the other two giants: Adidas and Nike. 

This write-up helped you grasp Skechers various sizes and models, making you ready to go for them.

Do comment below if you have any doubts or queries.

Disclaimer: The shoe products mentioned above are accessible at the time of publishing this article. The availability and pricing of these products may alter on Amazon. We receive a small commission from the Amazon Affiliate Program when you buy the product through our link. However, this does not impact your purchase price.

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