Why Does Adidas Have Two Logos? The Significance of Adidas’ Two Logos

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Exploring Adidas’ Dual Logo Strategy: Trefoil for heritage and style, Three-Stripe for sports and performance. Explore how Adidas captivates diverse consumer styles with two logos!


Two heads are better than one,” and that’s exactly the idea behind Adidas having two logos. The Trefoil and the Three Stripes logo.

The reason behind the two logos seems quite interesting, like the logos in appearance, as they are inscribed on Adidas shoes beautifully.

adidas trefoil logo

The Trefoil logo is reminiscent of the past, when Adidas shoes emerged on earth. It is a long story of struggle to create beautiful, innovative designs.

On the other hand, the Three Stripes logo is all about performance on the court, with better grip and comfort. It’s a symbol of Adidas’ commitment to helping athletes perform at their best.

adidas three Stripes logo

So, the two logos represent the different sides of Adidas, and together they showcase the brand’s versatility and appeal. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

Origin of Adidas Brand

Adidas began in 1949 when a man named Adolf Dassler made the first Adidas shoes. In 1971, a trefoil logo was introduced, and in the 1990s, the three-stripe logo appeared as the main logo.

adidas shoes

Adidas is a popular brand known for its quality footwear. If you love cool kicks and stylish sportswear, then Adidas is the right choice for you.

Why do people love Adidas? Their designs are always on point, and their shoes are super comfy. Plus, they have a wide range of options, so there’s something for everyone.

So, the two logos show the two different sides of Adidas, and together they showcase the brand’s versatility and appeal. Having a pair of Adidas shoes means having the best of both worlds!

The Trefoil Logo

A. Meaning and Significance of the Trefoil Logo

The trefoil logo is like a three-leaf plant. It represents the past, present, and future of Adidas. It’s a symbol of the brand’s history and how it has grown over time.

B. Use of the Trefoil Logo on Lifestyle Products

Adidas uses the trefoil logo on things that remind people of the past, like classic shoes and clothes. It’s also used on things for everyday wear, like t-shirts and hoodies.

C. Association with Timeless Style

The trefoil logo gives the shoes a classic and timeless style that people like. When people see the trefoil logo, they think of the good old days and the history of Adidas.

The Three-Stripe Logo

A. Significance of the Three-Stripes Logo

The three-stripes logo is important because it represents the brand’s identity. The three-stripes logo stands for the company’s focus on making good sports gear and being a part of the sports world.

B. Three-Stripes Logo on Performance 

Adidas uses the three-stripes logo on clothes and shoes made for sports and exercise. When you see the three stripes, you know the product is meant for playing sports.

C. Adidas’ Focus on Innovation

The three-stripes logo shows that Adidas cares about making new and better things for sports.

Brand Segmentation

Adidas uses two logos to show which products are for everyday wear and which are for sports.The trefoil logo is for casual clothes, while the three-stripe logo is for sports wear.

Differentiation of Products Using the Two Logos

Adidas uses the trefoil logo on clothes and shoes with a classic style. These are the things that people might wear every day, not just for sports.

The three-stripes logo is used on sports and athletic gear, like running shoes and workout clothes. This helps people know what kind of stuff they’re looking at.

Target Audience for Products Featuring Each Logo

The trefoil logo is for people who like old-school fashion. It’s for those who want to look stylish and casual. 

The three-stripe logo is for athletes and people who are into sports. It’s for those who want high-performance sports shoes for their activities.

Marketing Strategies Associated with Each Logo

When Adidas uses the trefoil logo, they focus on style, fashion, and everyday wear. They might show people wearing the clothes in cool places or doing fun things.

The three-stripe logo is related to sports, fitness, and performance. They might show athletes using the gear to train or compete.

Consumer Perception

What do people think of these two logos? Let’s explore it below.

Perception of the Two Logos

Trefoil Logo

It is often associated with lifestyle and casual wear. Fashion and style go side by side.

Three-Stripe Logo

It is commonly linked to sports and activewear. Its main focus is on speed and performance.

Impact on Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Trefoil Logo

It appeals to consumers looking for a classic and trendy style.

Three-Stripe Logo

It is high-quality athletic gear for sports and fitness activities.

Brand Loyalty and the Role of the Logos

Trefoil Logo

It builds brand loyalty among consumers who appreciate Adidas’ traditional history and casual offerings.

Three-Stripe Logo

It fosters brand loyalty among athletes and sports enthusiasts.It encourages purchases from individuals who are looking for performance and innovation in their athletic sportswear.

Legal and Trademark Considerations

We have to take into consideration all the aspects related to legal issues, as every brand preserves its legal rights in order to keep away all the fake users.

Trademark Protection

Both logos are legally protected trademarks of Adidas.  This protection helps maintain exclusive rights to use the logos on their products and marketing materials.

Legal Issues and Controversies

Adidas had to knock at the court because some people made fake products with its logos. They took legal action to stop this to make sure that only real Adidas products are sold and used.

International Logo Usage

Adidas might use their two logos differently in different countries to follow the rules there and appeal to the people in those places. 

This helps them stay legal and make sure their brand is liked by people all around the world.

Future Outlook

Logo Adaptations

Adidas might change their logos a little bit to look modern, but they still keep their main look.

Coexistence Predictions

Two logos are used together to attract different kinds of customers and products. Adidas will keep using each logo to appeal to different groups of buyers.


Adidas has two logos, the trefoil and the three-stripe, to appeal to different people and products.

The trefoil logo represents history and style, while the three-stripe logo represents its focus on sports and performance. It is a source of attraction among different kinds of customers and keeps its brand strong.

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